Fear the ‘net, really

A nice summary of Facebook by Tom Hodgkinson.

Even though I use the internet and find it to be a useful tool, I really feel that the data collected is too much and too personal.

Facebook is Big Brother

A Quote from “The Idler”

15 August 2010

“A couple of years ago, I wrote an attack on Facebook. It was actually simply a description of the agenda of Peter Thiel, one of the principal investors in the business, and that of a few other investors. I admit I had never really looked at it from the point of view of a user. Now I have, and I am absolutely amazed at the pure drivel that people spew out. And also at the level of intimacy that people will share with it, almost like it’s a priest. Have none of the millions of people who upload rubbish, and also non-rubbish, read Orwell’s 1984? Facebook is Big Brother. And no one realizes it. It watches you. It records your tittle tattle. Your likes and dislikes. You waste a horrendous amount of time on it. And people confess things to Facebook that they would not confess to their nearest friend or relative. Think about it. You are being watched, analyzed, counted and commodified by a vast American business. And you have allowed this to happen voluntarily. Wake up. TH”


About George Crawford

archaeologist, archer, primitive technologist, and wannabee fiddler...mostly
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