DSC_0003My ratty old moccasins that have spent a lot of time in the woods.  These have been my winter moccasins for nearly a decade.  I can’t remember exactly when I made them but it was a quick and dirty sewing job.  They have been re-soled (I think) once.  They are an oil-tanned leather I bought from a saddle and boot maker supply house I found while driving through Texas.  As can be seen, the tops can be worn up or down.

5 thoughts on “Moccasins

  1. Hi,i would really like to try and make a pair of the above moccasins (YOUR RATTY OLD ONES) Is there a pattern of them on your site?i have had a good look round,but cannot see anything………very interesting web site……………best regards ray

    1. I don’t have a pattern for those. I have essentially made the same type over and over. If I make (or remake) a pair I will certainly make a pattern for the site. I used to do these with Boy Scouts so it can’t be too difficult. First, outline your foot with your full weight, add about a quarter inch all around to make a sole. Cut the tops to fit up and over the arch of the foot. We used to do these in old tent canvas for a pattern, loosely stitched to get a good fit. I’ll bet there are way better moccasin patterns out on the web. Try here: for moccasins or maybe here for Euro-style shoes

      1. Thanks a lot for your prompt reply,will check out those links you gave me….
        reagrds ray(corfu Greece)……………..when i win the lotto i will come over to your seminares they look really interesting………..thanks again

  2. Me too please 🙂 These look awesome for winter. I go barefoot at other times, and I prefer leather becouse it’s conductive. Is it warm and can it be waterproof a bit?

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