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Live Well

“God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.” ~Voltaire Voltaire was on to something there.  Here is a very inspirational family making good in the wilds of Wisconsin.  … Continue reading

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Progress is slow but steady, Vardo Remodel Part 7

The weekend was cold, I was tired (read lazy), and other things had to be attended to so this update is just baby steps in the big scheme. Although mine is a purely pragmatic build, I wanted an homage to … Continue reading

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Fitting the exterior, Vardo Remodel Part 6

What follows is a somewhat terse step-by-step of the past couple weeks. I had about a week of stolen moments before the winter holidays to dive in and make as much progress as possible, knowing that winter could bring just … Continue reading

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Revamping the Details

Chief of sanding, varnish, and stain department while we remodel and rejuvenate the vardo.  This was tedious and difficult job that needed to be done.  During this phase, we took the opportunity to fill holes, plug countersunk screws and rethink … Continue reading

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Perpetual Beginner Mentality

Originally posted on GREG MERRITT – BY MY OWN HANDS:
The following is written for those of you, like myself, who are amature/hobbiest woodworkers. ?We just want to build things with wood and enjoy the process as well as the…

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