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Tools of the Bowyer

I have been working on a bow-making tutorial for quite a long time now.  Trying to be as explicit as possible while not dumbing everything down is a tricky narrative to follow.  Just gathering the appropriate images of the process … Continue reading

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Making Connections with Kindred Spirits

The Internet is neither good nor bad.  It is just a repository of information like a giant disorganized library that is constantly in flux.  Like a library, it is a tool and like a library it can be a meeting … Continue reading

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The Useful Man

Originally posted on Lost Art Press:
We have scientific writers of several kinds, and their number is continually increasing; there is no harm in that, but their studies are mainly directed to form theorists capable of ordering workmen, but unable…

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Home Carpentry

Originally posted on Lost Art Press:
The woman who indulges in carpenter-work seldom does much harm. She contents herself with trying to drive nails into the wall, and with experiments with mucilage. She drives her nails with great caution, and…

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Stealing a Nap

The dog has decided the floor or her bed are not good enough for her.  Since she knows she can’t come to the bed, this seems to be her compromise in the wagon.  It’s definitely too small for her but … Continue reading

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Another Funky House Truck

This seemed too good to pass up.

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The Dream of an Eight Hour Work Day

From Work, No. 161, 1892. Find more reprints of Work at Tools for Working Wood.

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