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Taller De Curtiduria González – Vegetable Tanning the Best Huarache Leathers

Originally posted on Huarache Blog:
Unlike almost all of mainstream footwear, Huarache leather is still vegetable tanned using tree bark. Few tanneries in the world still offer vegetable tanned leathers because of the slower tanning process and higher material costs.…

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Another Huarache Design

I like the closed, round toes on this one.  From http://huaracheblog.wordpress.com/.

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Slow Handmade Shoes in Brazil

Thanks Dave, for pointing this out to me.  Great stuff!

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The Shoemaker

A real treat from the Sifting the Past blog.  It is worth checking out if you are interested in researching the past through images of the period just prior to mass industrialization.  The Townsend’s have a couple excellent websites including … Continue reading

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Sandals of the New Kingdom, Egypt

Some shoe solutions from the Bronze Age, North Africa. Sandal maker – New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty from Thebes ca. 1504–1425 B.C.  Like a Diderot illustration this gives a good look at the workshop of an artisan with the essentials of his … Continue reading

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Huaracheria Aquino in Yalalag, Oaxaca (reblogged)

Originally posted on Huarache Blog:
Nestled into the Sierra Norte mountains of Oaxaca is the small town of Yalalag. Yalalag is very precious town, not only for it’s strong Pre-Hispanic traditions, but also because like only a handful of other…

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The Shoemaker’s Shop

Prang’s Aids For Object Teaching written by Norman Allison Calkins in 1877.  From the Shoemaker’s Shop, Colonial Williamsburg.

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Huarache Blog

Originally posted on Huarache Blog:
Señor Alfaro is 70 years old and the last Huarachero in Sayula, Jalisco. Although his woven Huaraches have won him awards in regional craft competitions, today like may Huaracheros his business has become very difficult. Although Señor…

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A Few Pictures from Rabbitstick 2012

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Tool Tote

The shoemaker’s tote is essentially done and I had the chance to get a couple photos over lunch.  I will be adding more leather pocketing to hold tools but wanted to wait until I knew where things should be. This … Continue reading

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