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Making Tools

Back to the beginnings.  Larry Kinsella is a great flint knapper and an all-around talented guy who, amongst other things, recreates stone-age technologies from his home near Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site (one of the great cities of the prehistoric … Continue reading

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Henry Miller, a fine young man

Definitely watch this if you believe in a real handcrafted lifestyle.  He has obviously been given the right encouragement and access to knowledge.  Many parents would scoff at these things or actively discourage some of these activities.  I’m glad to … Continue reading

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Robin Wood

I’ve had to watch this about a dozen times and I’ve even posted it before.

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21st Century Sea Chest

This is not furniture worthy of the great builders like Peter Follansbee, Chris Schwartz, or Chris Hall.  However, it is a piece of functional furniture created from nearly all recycled materials and will hopefully be with me for the rest … Continue reading

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Mick’s Vardo

The beautiful interior of Mick’s vardo.  Check it out over at his blog.

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Pole Lathe

Here’s an image of Mick’s pole lathe where my bowl and plate were created.  It’s hard to see all the workings from this view but it’s a pretty great set-up.  Unlike a modern, continuous motion lathe, the cutting is done … Continue reading

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Wandering Minstral

Another painting by the Scottish artist John Burr (1831-1893).  An itinerant fiddler plays for a family in a Scottish lane.  I can’t help but think the father looking out has a skeptical look; possibly wondering what this will cost in … Continue reading

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New eating kit

New mess kit, old spoon.  Plate and bowl turned on a spring-pole lathe by Mick Robins.  Both made from green alder.  I carved the spoon years ago from and Osage orange scrap.  Just scraped and waxed  the set to make … Continue reading

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The Travelling Tinker

A painting by the Scottish artist John Burr (1831-1893).  Tinkers were originally tinsmiths or “tinners”.  One of many itinerant jobs pursued by a class of casual laborers.  These were mostly skilled and specialized crafts like basket making, shoe repair, leather … Continue reading

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New Travellers

  Ah, it was great to be home with family again!

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