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When hunting backfires

A while back I came up on a hawk who appeared to have caught something.  Then suddenly there was a blur, some thrashing, and here’s what I saw when I got to it.  In wrestling, we would call that a … Continue reading

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Romanian Gypsies

Peter van Beek has documented the difficult life of nomads in a modernizing Europe.  Fear, stereotypes, and unfamiliarity dominate their way of life and place them into a, partially self-imposed, marginalized portion of society.  Although there is terrible poverty, he … Continue reading

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15 August 2013, 1827 MT

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Some thoughts occurred recently while looking through some of my wildlife photos.  Especially how so many creatures really “fit” in their surroundings. I realize it is mostly for defense (or sometime offense) but it just makes more apparent how poorly … Continue reading

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Southwest Washington

Our second week on the Portland area was primarily spent north of the Columbia River in Washington State.  Battle Ground, Vancouver, and a trip to Mount St Helen’s.  Although it was hot and dry most of the time, it was … Continue reading

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Home on the Range!

Another good sheep camp image.  I’d like to see more inside. The original link is here: http://www.talkingtree.org/2011/03/31/welcome-to-the-sheepherders-home/

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Montana Sheepherder

Beautiful and well-loved sheepherder photographed by Roger Wade Studio. I really like the cupola on top.

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Shadows and Stone

Originally posted on BLACKWATER LOCALITY #1:
Despite what many of us were taught while learning the trades of the cultural resource management world, archaeological imaging does not have to be dull, drab, or black-and-white. Ken Williams’ photography, as seen on ShadowsandStone.com, highlights some…

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Classic Scooter

Here’s an image of my great-grandfather Arbuckle on a very futuristic looking scooter.  It wasn’t his, and I doubt he actually rode it but it seems to have belonged to his brother-in-law (Campbell).  The photo is in the Campbell’s yard … Continue reading

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Photos from Utah

A few photos from Utah taken a few years ago.

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