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Photographer – Nukshi Alice

From her ABOUT Page:  Nukshi is a documentary and portrait photographer and an artist living and working in Nottinghamshire. Her sensitivity to situations, culture and people, has allowed her to adapt well to new challenges and environments.  She captures her images by getting involved … Continue reading

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When hunting backfires

A while back I came up on a hawk who appeared to have caught something.  Then suddenly there was a blur, some thrashing, and here’s what I saw when I got to it.  In wrestling, we would call that a … Continue reading

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Romanian Gypsies

Peter van Beek has documented the difficult life of nomads in a modernizing Europe.  Fear, stereotypes, and unfamiliarity dominate their way of life and place them into a, partially self-imposed, marginalized portion of society.  Although there is terrible poverty, he … Continue reading

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15 August 2013, 1827 MT

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Some thoughts occurred recently while looking through some of my wildlife photos.  Especially how so many creatures really “fit” in their surroundings. I realize it is mostly for defense (or sometime offense) but it just makes more apparent how poorly … Continue reading

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Southwest Washington

Our second week on the Portland area was primarily spent north of the Columbia River in Washington State.  Battle Ground, Vancouver, and a trip to Mount St Helen’s.  Although it was hot and dry most of the time, it was … Continue reading

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Home on the Range!

Another good sheep camp image.  I’d like to see more inside. The original link is here: http://www.talkingtree.org/2011/03/31/welcome-to-the-sheepherders-home/

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