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Project: Mayhem Shoes

“The first rule of Project Mayhem is that you do not ask questions…” this may be my new teaching mantra I am considering calling my custom footwear “Mayhem Shoes” (at least until Chuck Palahniuk’s space monkey lawyers make me stop). … Continue reading

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Mid-Cut Huaraches From Tuxpan, Jalisco

Originally posted on Huarache Blog:
Tuxpan in Southern Jalisco is a small town well known for its Tacos “Tuxpenos” and less known for its unique Mid-Cut Huarache style. That being nowadays said their is so little demand for the Tuxpan…

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Ghillie Making at Winter Count 2014

One of the many things taught at Winter Count this year was shoe making in the form of carbatina or ghillies.  These are relatively simple shoes notable for their one piece construction and generally involve very little sewing.  I am … Continue reading

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Irish Brogues and Other Simple Shoes

It’s time for new shoes.  After a soon-to-be-finished commission for a leather satchel, I intend to dive into a brogue-making project in the style of 19th century Ireland.  This basic design certainly dates back much further than this as shown … Continue reading

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Another Huarache Design

I like the closed, round toes on this one.  From http://huaracheblog.wordpress.com/.

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Handmade shoe links

Handmade and bespoke shoes have become an interest of mine over the years.  Starting with moccasins and graduating to other variation led me to the realization that even with a great deal of leather and sewing experience, shoemaking is a … Continue reading

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Finish the Left, Start the Right

The left, as it is, finished.  A great learning project.  The pattern making is slowly improving. Stitching down the sole. Turning the upper. Drying before finishing the upper.  Next will be attaching the outer sole and heel.

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Welted Turnshoe

Coming soon… Too busy sewing to post!

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Winter Count 2011

A few photos of the vardo in the desert at this year’s Winter Count.  Along side the usual survival skills, I also taught another simple shoe class. Click the photo to see more uploaded images of the little vardo in … Continue reading

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Turnshoes Finished

Finally “finished” enough.  Rubbed down with a “tea” of walnut juice, worn dry, and oiled. I already know the modifications needed for the next pair.

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