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Campaign Desk

Here’s an interesting piece of “gone native” campaign furniture.  There was much bad about empire building (and still is) but the bringing together of foreign cultures often created new and interesting art and craft styles. While on the topic, if … Continue reading

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This Stool is Brown, Waxy, a Bit Oily and Sticky

Originally posted on Lost Art Press:
Sticky? Yes. It’s made from three sticks. So it’s quite “sticky.” I just finished up this campaign stool based (loosely) on A.J. Roubo’s model shown in “L’Art du Menuisier.” I turned round legs, whereas…

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Folding Stools and Table

I have had many requests for dimensions of the stools and table so I finally sucked it up and measured some things to include here.  The only ones apparently on the web cost money so here are my dimensions.  Please … Continue reading

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Folding Camp Funiture

I’ve been making folding camp furniture.  The stools are sometime called “pea-pickers”.  They were somewhat difficult to figure out without a plan but some photos of others and experience making other furniture helped. They’re not as easy to make as … Continue reading

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