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Distracted and Sidetracked More Than Usual

As if I didn’t have enough irons in the fire… I decided to make (and learn) a new instrument this summer; a three-string cigar box guitar.  It took a few weekends to get it right; figure out the design, apply … Continue reading

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Study of a Banjo Player

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Woody, Pete, and Some Hand-Made Music

“What are ears? What is Time? that this particular series of sounds called a strain of music, … can be wafted down through the centuries from Homer to me, and he have been conversant with that same aerial and mysterious … Continue reading

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Home Grown Music

As a undaunted woodworker I have made most of my musical instruments over the years.  I could never justify purchasing a high-end, high-quality instrument but I could make a reasonable proxy.  My interest has been rekindled in the last couple … Continue reading

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Old Time Music

The heart and soul of a people, no matter where you are.

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A Tale in Open G; have a look at this cigar box guitar

For the love of home-made music.  Click the link below the image for the story. The CBG Procrastination: A Tale in Open G.

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Old Joe Clark

A simple, short tune that in the hands of master craftsmen becomes truly great.  And it’s a real American Classic.  I guess the South isn’t all bad.

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