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Old Joe Clark

A simple, short tune that in the hands of master craftsmen becomes truly great.  And it’s a real American Classic.  I guess the South isn’t all bad.

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Early Banjo

A little historical banjo for a musical Monday.  Nothing comes from nothing.  The banjo is truly American with roots in Africa, the mother of us all.

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The Unlikely Banjoist

A post I’ve been hanging onto; a bit off-topic, personal, and possibly without any point. I am an unlikely banjoist.  I got a very cheap banjo when I was 14 years old but didn’t find a teacher.  I took a … Continue reading

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Pete Seeger 1919-2014

Pete Seeger, The Incomplete Folksinger Rest in Peace I was a closet banjo picking classical music major when I really got into Pete Seeger.  A great man with high morals, and a willingness to fight for what he believed in.

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Banjo redo

Last winter I had an important epiphany about myself as a musician.  I am under nor delusion that I will ever be more than a closet or campfire player.  For me, for now, that’s going to have to be good … Continue reading

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Down Home

  Home sweet home.

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So Sam Sai

Or, everybody loves a banjo: Made from a halved coconut and ivory.  Pretty sweet.  Click the image for the reference.

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