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Awesome House-Car of the 1920s

Found on the Vintage Everyday blog.  It is thought to be from circa 1926 and is a real beauty.  It has some nice details as well.  The sign on the roof, lightning rods, and even a little chimney.  A great … Continue reading

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Godzilla the Truck

Spotted at the Oregon Country Faire

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I’m a big fan of Retro-Futuristic design.  Maybe that’s why some of the better Steam Punk designs appeal to me.  I don’t mean the stuff that’s just hot-gluing old watch gears onto some leather or carrying a toy ray-gun around … Continue reading

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N55 Walkinghouse

N55 is a group of artists and designers who have some interesting ideas.  I have been interested in the Walkinghouse since I first saw it.  Here is a link to its “manual” and here is a video of it walking … Continue reading

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