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Bamboo Arrow Instructable

I just posted a “how to” for bamboo arrows on Instructables.  It is impossible to teach a complete class in this way but I’ve done what I can. If you have an interest in arrowsmithing, have a look by clicking … Continue reading

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Henry Miller, a fine young man

Definitely watch this if you believe in a real handcrafted lifestyle.  He has obviously been given the right encouragement and access to knowledge.  Many parents would scoff at these things or actively discourage some of these activities.  I’m glad to … Continue reading

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The Breheimen Bronze Age Bow – 1300 BC

Originally posted on ThorNews:
On 7 September 2011, an advanced constructed and complete bow was found at the edge of the Åndfonne glacier in Breheimen mountain range. The C14 dating shows that Norway’s oldest and best preserved bow is 3300…

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New Quiver

Finished up the quiver.  It’s been unfinished for at least a year and this weekend finally saw some completion.  It’s a time for closure on unfinished projects.

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Speaking of Distance Archery

653 meters! Mónus József here is a multiple record-holder in Hungarian traditional long-distance archery. In an archery contest in inner Mongolia, he made a successful 653m shot (nearly half a mile) with his home-made bow. Click the link to see … Continue reading

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Tartar Arrows from the Grayson Collection

Something for an arrow maker to aspire to.  There is much to learn from the old masters in their fields.  Wonderfully tapered shafts, great fletchings, and good use of paint. Crimean Tartar Arrows Turkey, 18th–19th centuriesFour military arrows for use with … Continue reading

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Edo Archery

  19th century archery set, one bow missing.

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Surimono print

Bow, arrow, and target from a culture that still loved archery, 1856.

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Selk’nam (Ona) Yah

A beautiful photo of arrows from the Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego.  Collected in the early 20th century. Wonderful sinew wrappings, glass points, and clay pigments. And the nice little bow that accompanies them.    

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Bone Point, Quebec

Bone point from Saguenay-Lac Saint Jean Region; Québec; Canada.  Probably very early 20th century.

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