A few bows I have made.

A few bows I have made.

Here’s a link to an older post on making a bow.  Its always difficult to stop long enough to actually take a photo while working.

Osage orange shallow-D longbow.  Finished Christmas 2009.

I loved this bow very much.  Sold it for gas money a few years ago!

A kid’s bow made from heartwood of Juniperus virginiana (Eastern Red Cedar) backed with Carya ovata (Shagbark Hickory).  A fast little shooter.

A satisfying moment of eying the tiller and knowing it is “perfect”.

A nice, moderate strength hickory bow.  Sold immediately.

Over about 5 years of shooting, this Osage orange bow settled into this somewhat ugly tiller, bending too much low in the limbs.  I think it was a very good arc initially and became a little concerned when this happened.   As this bow turns 10 years old this year and I still regularly shoot it, I guess it is fine.

3 Responses to Archery

  1. Josh from your bow class at winter count 2012 says:

    This is josh from your bow making class at winter count. I’m having a hard time finding the barbours shomaker flax. i went to panhandle leather’s website and they don’t seem to have it on their site. I think I’ll have to call them. but it seems to come in various plies and weights (like no. 18/3 etc.) what size is the stuff you recommend?
    Thanks, Josh

    • Paleotool says:

      Hey Josh,
      Here’s what I’ve been using for a while. It is “Barbour’s Pure Flax Sinew, 5 cord left for lock stitch machines” for what it’s worth.
      Looking into it just now makes me think I need to research this more. Looking through some old articles this morning shows that (I think) 5 cord linen should have a little over 30# of breaking strength. Nine strands (the minimum I use for myself) should be a little over 270# in strength and twelve strands will be about 360#. The twelves are great hunting strings but you make me realize that I haven’t been very scientific about this. Hope this helps and I promise to look into strings more now that I’m curious. If you want to contact me off the comment list my general email is: “zcoyotez (at) yahoo (dot) com”.
      Good luck. It was a lot of fun working with you over the week.


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