Vintage Calvin Humor: The Record Player

George Crawford:

I love the “ah hah!” moments of childhood. Why I do what I do. Thanks to Musclehead for this one.

Originally posted on The Muscleheaded Blog:


This cartoon was created by Bill Watterson.

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Luigi Prina: A Fantasy Artist of Straight Out of My Dream World

I was thinking last night about a remarkable artist I first read about in The Blinking City, Luigi Prina.  I posted about him before but his work never ceases to amaze me.  Mr. Prina has been an architect for over 50 years but his model building is a real combination of inspired art and fantasy.  He’s been building flying models from paper and balsa wood since he was very young shows his amazing and artistic genius.


Many look like images from Leonardo DaVinci’s workshop and are beautiful to look at, much less to see fly.


Have a look at the article (I’ve reprinted some of the images below) and watch the short video of this remarkable Maker of dreams.  The Blinking City has a load of other great articles very worth reading.

Luigi Prina Flying Ships Milan

Luigi Prina Flying Ships Milan

Luigi Prina Flying Ships Milan

Luigi Prina Flying Ships Milan

Luigi Prina Flying Ships Milan
Luigi Prina Flying Ships Milan

Luigi Prina Flying Ships Milan

vLuigi Prina Flying Ships Milan

Luigi Prina Flying Ships Milan

Luigi Prina Flying Ships Milan

Luigi Prina Flying Ships Milan

Luigi Prina Flying Ships Milan

Luigi Prina Flying Ships Milan

Luigi Prina Flying Ships Milan

Luigi Prina Flying Ships Milan

Luigi Prina Flying Ships Milan

And click this link to see even more: Luigi Prina

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Maid of Dreams

George Crawford:

A Big Traveling Beauty

Originally posted on Paleotool's Weblog:

rob-jill-romain-1951-bedford-housetruck-maid-of-dreams-the-star-of-the-2013-bedford-new-zealand-rally-at-bedford-heaven-near-thames-theflyingtortoise-002Truly a road gypsy dreamhouse.


rob-jill-romain-1951-bedford-housetruck-maid-of-dreams-the-star-of-the-2013-bedford-new-zealand-rally-at-bedford-heaven-near-thames-theflyingtortoiseI won’t even try to describe this big beauty.  See the write up from the Bedford Rally here on the Flying Tortoise.

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Have a Look at the Racy “Waverley Belle” Velocipede

Are you aware, gentle reader, that the bicycle is closely associated with women’s liberation, the suffragettes, and other forms of late 19th century promiscuity and other offensive behaviors among the fair sex?  Or that a truly rideable modern velocipede machine post-dates practical flying machines?  Warning – a little tasteful nudity ahead.


Oh! Those suffragettes.  They appear to be incorrigible once they have unbridled transport.

Bicycling was the final straw, so to speak, giving women the excuse to wear (godforbid) trousers, freedom to travel, shop, and generally sever the ties that kept them at home in a modern world.  I am digressing and that will require and entirely separate post, but to the wonderful Waverley Belle…

The following immensely popular sales announcement (to judge by the frequency with which it is displayed) is from a different era of madmen advertisers.  I suspect this titillating placard was intended for a gentleman’s magazine; to be perused at the club or in the office, out of sight from young, impressionable eyes.  I mean, who wants their kid lusting after a seductive beauty at this price?  This ad is clearly appealing to those who are looking get a well-built machine under them with the intent to while away a glorious afternoon.

Go away kids, get your own toys.waverlyBelle She is certainly a superbly constructed beauty comprised of artistic lines and I suspect, is a wonderful ride indeed.  The Victorians clearly appreciated a larger, sturdy frame.  Of course, this one is mostly obscured by the lovely lady acting as a prop (these high-wheelers often had no kickstand you see).

waverleyWaverly (of the Indiana Bicycle Company) seems to have been a high-end and innovative company venturing into automobiles in the heady days of innovation before the Great War in Europe.

Waverley1895-8-9MMThese Indiana boys were not just catering to the men.  In fact, it seems they seem to be early schemers in the arena of target marketing; catering to the tastes of ladies and gentlemen alike from Indianapolis, Indiana to Medford, Oregon and beyond (e.g., France).  These high-end beauties are a bit on the light-heavyweight side compared to our current tastes but are remarkably robust machines offering sturdiness and a joyful ride for a new and modern age.


Innovation was the by-word in Industrialized America and Waverley was in the game.  Here’s a couple other, family oriented offerings they produced; not bicycles though.

Anyway, I needed to get some of this curated artwork out into the world and my love of cycling has grown inversely to the amount that my current living situation allows it to actually happen without misery, pain, or more likely death.

Below are some gratuitous images of the state of the world once women gain their mobility, trousers, and the right to vote.  Bicycles have been associate with modern thinking, fun, liberation, and even sexual freedom for a long time now.  Enjoy these immodest pictures.

And finally, while doing a bit of late-night image research to establish a firm date for the ad above, I came across the original image used for the Waverley Poster:

waverlyBelle2It doesn’t appear to be a particularly practical outfit for cycling.  Must be French.  I hope to get a load of other images from the era posted in the near future.

Interesting submissions are always welcome

I am pining for the day soon ahead when the freedom of cycling will be back in my life.

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Gymnacyclidium, get them while they’re hot

gymnacyclidiumGymnacyclidium – Sounds like something for which you could be administered a shot to clear it up.  I don’t remember where I first found this image but it has been curated on my hard drive for some time now.  Probably Pinterest as I didn’t archive any other details with it.  Anyway, I thought these monstrosities worth looking at for the danger factor if nothing else.  Let’s hope the young lady is wearing adequate undergarments as it seems certain she will be taking a spill or two later on.  I do like the curly cue fender thingy on the front though.

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Where is Your Study? By a Creek in the Woods

Potůček v lese / Creek in the woods, 1900, Březina Václav. Czech (1862 - 1906).

Potůček v lese / Creek in the woods, 1900, Březina Václav. Czech (1862 – 1906).

When a traveler asked Wordsworth’s servant to show him her master’s study, she answered “Here is his library, but his study is out of doors.”

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Writing Ain’t Cheap

George Crawford:

This certainly raises the bar on writing desks. I think I need something like this to keep organized, campaign-style, when I take to the road permanently. Absolutely beautiful, classy, and practical.

Originally posted on The Furniture Record:

Not if you want to do it with a bit of style and class. Anyone can go get a pencil and a legal pad, but some people want more. Or to spend more.

This is the tale of three writing desks that are unique and tasteful. And expensive relatively speaking.

First up this the full-blown classy English writing box available slightly used for a mere $2400:

As classy as it gets. As classy as it gets.

If you close it, it looks like this. If you close it, it looks like this. Burl adds to the cost/value.

An interior view showing storage and the perpetual calendar. An interior view showing storage and the perpetual calendar.

The calendar is three paper scrolls. The calendar is three paper scrolls.Use the small knobs to change the displayed day/date/month.

These people made it. From England. These people made it. From London. The one in England.

Secret compartments, there are two that I found.

The calendar lifts out revealing more storage. The calendar lifts out revealing more storage.

And a drawer in the front. And a drawer in the front.

Next, in the same shop, is this simpler yet elegant writing box.

Again, quite tasteful. Again…

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