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Makers to the Rescue

Makers, Dreamers, Builders, and Inventors, Unite: reflections on saving our world “Perpetual devotion to what a man calls his business, is only to be sustained by perpetual neglect of many other things. And it is by no means certain that … Continue reading

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Ella Jenkins Tiny House

Deek has featured another fine home with some great photos.  I particularly like this set as the house doesn’t appear to be “staged” but is actually lived in. I can’t wait to see more as promised. See the rest of … Continue reading

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Lynx Vilden; a Documentary

Lynx is certainly one of the coolest people I know.  An amazing person on so many levels.  Here is a 53 minute documentary (mostly in French) about her lifestyle and teaching.  Very well done and I’m glad, on the web.

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A Feast of Gers

I save images from around the internet to serve as references and inspirations for projects and dreams.  I have wanted to build a yurt (ger) for many years now but never quite seem to get around to it.  Other projects … Continue reading

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I don’t typically just reblog other people’s stuff but I have recently come across a few outstanding homesteader-type people putting up great things on the web.  Reading these makes me miss having a plot of land to call my own … Continue reading

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Occupy Y’all Street

Talk about some out-of-touch politicians.  How can we ever feel that giving billions to corporations is a good thing?  They give us nothing in return.  What a screwed up world.  Honestly, I think is a great thing that will hopefully … Continue reading

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Food, Bikes, and Sustainability

I have been a bicyclist most of my life; primarily as a commuter and as a way to stay healthy.  From the old Schwinn touring bike in the early 80s to a classic Raleigh later on and inevitably migrating to … Continue reading

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