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Ultra Minimalists, Part 3

For the Ultra Minimalists, Part 1, click here. More Historic Minimalists – religious wanderers Wandering Monks part 1 – The Buddhist monks that travel much of the year throughout Asia are about as minimal as one can reasonably get.  Early … Continue reading

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New Quiver

Finished up the quiver.  It’s been unfinished for at least a year and this weekend finally saw some completion.  It’s a time for closure on unfinished projects.

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Bucksaw Again

The flies are intolerable this time of year so I moved my little operation into the living room of the house.  Creating sawdust and wood chips for the dogs to track around in their boredom.  But, on to the show… … Continue reading

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Backyard Chickens

I’ve been lucky as a chicken owner for quite a few years.  Very few have been stolen by predators, and we’ve had very little illness.  Right now, with a dozen chickens both old and young, I get between three and … Continue reading

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Lynx Vilden; a Documentary

Lynx is certainly one of the coolest people I know.  An amazing person on so many levels.  Here is a 53 minute documentary (mostly in French) about her lifestyle and teaching.  Very well done and I’m glad, on the web.

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The next step in finishing the pack frame… Here’s a detailed photo of the naked frame with an initial coat of oil & pine-tar coating.  This will weatherproof the whole thing and make the rawhide less appealing to critters (I … Continue reading

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Wooden Pack Frame

One of many projects happening around here this yule-tide season.  A new classic-style rucksack is being sewn, much leatherwork is occurring, and this pack frame is being finished.  The wood is shagbark hickory (Carya ovata) made from a bowstave section … Continue reading

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I just found out I don’t really have hobbies… Just Post-Apocalyptic life-skills. I think this makes me happy.

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Sandals of the New Kingdom, Egypt

Some shoe solutions from the Bronze Age, North Africa. Sandal maker – New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty from Thebes ca. 1504–1425 B.C.  Like a Diderot illustration this gives a good look at the workshop of an artisan with the essentials of his … Continue reading

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