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Sheep Camps are Alive and Well in the West

I have posted quite a few images and links to classic old-time sheep camps here over the years.   If you travel the small byways of the Mountain West you will still see plenty of old sheep camps in use … Continue reading

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Tinker Family in Scotland

Believed to be taken in the 1920s.  The wagon could pass for a western American sheep camp.

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Sheep Camp

Cruising the interwebs this morning, looking for some images of caravans I came across this nice sheep wagon on Blacksmith Angel’s Tumblr blog.  I love the photo but there’s no information with it.

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Vardo News, Russian Style

вардо, that’s Russian for Vardo; and it certainly looks more interesting in Cyrillic. Searching some Russian pages for vardo information yielded a wealth of photos and some interesting information about Traveler culture in Eastern Europe.  There’s as much fascination with … Continue reading

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Sheepherder Wagon Community

Kent Griswold posted another fine link to sheepherder wagons.  The community provides the few essentials not found in the wagon itself; shower, full kitchen, internet, etc. Watch the video here.  Or see it on AOL’s website.

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Mick’s Bowtop Progress

Mick’s bowtop is coming along nicely, and has even hit the road for an extended camping trip.  The canvas cover is attached but, unlike it’s historical cousins, there is wood all the way around the roof for strength and security. … Continue reading

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Chariot Birman

  What a great wagon.  I wish my creativity could approach this level of beauty.

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