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Five Years and 20,000 Miles Later…

The vardo known as the Snail turned five years old a few months ago and shortly after, crossed the 20,000 mile mark.  It’s just an arbitrary number, I know, but it feels like a milestone in our lifelong journey.  Changes … Continue reading

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A reader recently sent a link to a very interesting wagon builder’s website.  I found this a while back but didn’t bookmark the page so I appreciate someone sending me the link again. They produce so many varieties I won’t … Continue reading

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Sheep Camps are Alive and Well in the West

I have posted quite a few images and links to classic old-time sheep camps here over the years.   If you travel the small byways of the Mountain West you will still see plenty of old sheep camps in use … Continue reading

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Stealing a Nap

The dog has decided the floor or her bed are not good enough for her.  Since she knows she can’t come to the bed, this seems to be her compromise in the wagon.  It’s definitely too small for her but … Continue reading

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Another Funky House Truck

This seemed too good to pass up.

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