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A Level of Craftsmanship

A REAL BEAUTY! Here is an overview of a most remarkable modern Vardo build by Greg Ryan.  Not only does it document an amazing build, it is a really well put together little film as well.  I wish I could … Continue reading

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Motor Camper from Texas ca. 1920

As determined by the Texas inspection sticker on the radiator (yes the image blows up that big).

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Stone Age Bow

Originally posted on Natural Skills:
Here’s a video of a bow making project from the fall.  Working wood with stone age tools isn’t very hard, it just takes some patience and creativity.  Give it a try!

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A 1926 Home Built Camper Truck

An early tiny house on wheels… and a family selfie. The Library of Congress has some pretty amazing stuff.  I rarely find what I came for but I always find something pretty spectacular.  This house (click to enlarge) is quite … Continue reading

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Letting Go of Accomplishments

Originally posted on Becoming a Minimalist:
In our morning manager’s meeting the other day we had to go around the room and tell of our greatest accomplishments. I pondered and then stammered briefly about being able to let go of…

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