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Travel Essentials

This is part of an ongoing theme to document travel and camping gear that has served me over the years.  These will be mirrored on the Traveler’s Gear page as I get them up. As a traveler, primitive technologist, peaceful … Continue reading

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Archery in Art; David Teniers the Younger

Painted when the common man still met at the butts for an afternoon of shooting and relaxation.  Then hopefully, off to the pub for a pint.  I love to scan old images for the details.  Some nice redware jugs, probably … Continue reading

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Phenomenal Archery Skills

Some epic archery shooting here.  Lars takes it to an extremely high level.

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Sibley Tent, an Early Review

A tent has been invented by Major H. H. Sibley, of the army, which is known as the “Sibley tent.” It is somewhat similar to the Comanche lodge, but in place of the conical frame-work of poles it has but … Continue reading

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Wise Words

From my governor … I learned endurance of labour, and to want little, and to work with my own hands, and not to meddle with other people’s affairs, and not to be ready to listen to slander. Marcus Aurelius: The … Continue reading

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Skew it (or how to increase your spoke shave proficiency)

Originally posted on A Woodworker's Musings:
I’ve noticed that when most folks begin to use a spoke shave, they are inclined to pull the tool towards themselves.  I suspect that it’s very natural to associate the method of using a draw…

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An Assessment of the Llano Estacado, and a Little About the Dangers of Prairie Travel

Originally posted on BLACKWATER LOCALITY #1:
A hilly portion of the northern Llano Estacado.  37,500 square miles (97,000 km2) of short grass cold, semi-arid prairie scrub. In his report to the Secretary of War, after making a survey of the Southern Plains…

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