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Caravans in the Art World

I have started a separate Blog Page to house the caravan, vardo, Rom, Gypsy, Traveller, and nomad art from my collections.  Any contribution links are welcome as are comments. We all had to start somewhere. About these ads

About these ads
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Marketing to the Caravan Craze: Composting Toilet

 Presenting the MOULE’S PATENT EARTH CLOSET CO., Ld. Humanure is not as new of an idea as we are often led to believe.  With the genuine Moules, there are no, bad smells, typhoid OR diphtheria!  That’s quite a bonus.  Well, … Continue reading

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Early Worker Vans; Predecessor to the Caravan

Early work vans were designed to house manual laborers when on the job.  Great for highway and railroad crews.  These caravans were noted for poor ventilation and their spartan interior.  Three to six workmen were often housed in these wagons. … Continue reading

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Happiness in Simplicity

A LITTLE CARAVANNING HISTORY At the end of the first decade of the twentieth century, the young artist Frances Jennings became a semi-invalid and was advised by her doctor to spend as much time as she could in the open … Continue reading

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Vardo Plans: Reading Caravan

Many considerations concerning floor plans and general layout have come my way over the years.  I am compiling as many as possible to post here.  To start things off, here is the iconic Reading Waggon by Dunton’s (note: two “g’s” … Continue reading

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Flat & Level & Square

Originally posted on heavydiy:
While I’m reluctant to disagree with the amazing Uma Thurman, getting anything from a table to a picture frame or even a ginormous BBQ grill you put together to sit flat and square takes some attention to…

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Screwbrake Mechanism

  In response to the inquiry about the little wheel on all the old wagons.  They also had a drag brake to connect when going up hill to prevent back sliding.  The precursor to the auto handbrake. Here’s a guide … Continue reading

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Honest Trade

“Everyone should learn a manual trade: It’s never too late to become an honest person.”  Edward Abbey

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In an effort to make my mark, I’m working on a splash page image, a logo, and a flag.  Something catchy and symbolic, but not already taken. Simple, smart, and understandable.  This one about sums it up but I  think … Continue reading

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On the Long Road

A great historic image of the long road ahead to start your weekend off right. It’s always a good time to hit the road.

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