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I study the technology of prehistory.  Because of this, I believe strongly in the benefits of experiential archaeology.  It gives perspective on a very deep level.  We can walk in the shoes of our ancestors, so to speak.

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Bagpipes Gone Baroque

As if traditional bagpiping weren’t enough, here are the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards going all Pachelbel for your listening enjoyment. A view of the amazing Scottish country of Scotland. All these photo’s were taken by friends on the Isle Of … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday

To my beautiful daughter.

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Bookcase-Progress 1-Design

Originally posted on GREG MERRITT – BY MY OWN HANDS:
As we continue the never-ending unpacking of boxes and putting away of stuff, it has become apparent that the Hillbilly household is in immediate need of a bookcase.  This of…

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Where have you been all my life.  Lady Florence Norman on her Autoped; another interesting Internet find.  This is what I found about it: “Lady Florence Norman, a suffragette, on her motor-scooter in 1916, travelling to work at offices in London … Continue reading

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Low-Tech Bowl Turning in China

I say low-tech but really mean non-electric or preindustrial as this craft certainly involves a lot of technology, perfected through generations of trial-and-error.  This little documentary is beautifully put together and show some amazing skill using simple tools.

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Basketmaker-Anasazi sandals

Originally posted on Paleotool's Weblog:
These are sandals constructed from the narrow-leaf yucca.  These designs are based on specimens preserved in caves.  These might not be much to look at but they are remarkably impervious to the many sines,…

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