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Don’t Burn Coal! The Future is Here

Saves Gas Bills, Saves Trouble, Saves Patience, Saves Time!  And it burns any kind of oil.  I think we would market this as multi-fuel off-grid survival stove these days. About these ads

About these ads
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Liquid Fuel Stoves and the Caravan Camper

A look at the origins and evolution of our favorite stove… This post was going to be a few words about the Primus stoves we all love and some images I’ve collected from around the web.  As usual, I found … Continue reading

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Låg arbeidsbenk på Sogn Folkemuseum

This gallery contains 4 photos.

Originally posted on Høvelbenk:
De Heibergske Samlinger – Sogn Folkemuseum har ei veldig rik samling av gjenstandar knytt til ulike handverk. Dei har ei flott utstilling av snikkarverktøy som er lagt til rette som ein verkstad med arbeidsbenkar og…

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Roof Valleys

Originally posted on michaellangforddotorg:
Trigonometry, once you understand the basics, is fairly easy to use.  The sine curve/cosine curve model works great for electrical engineering, but isn’t very useful for building math.  Really, just the ++ quadrant of a unit circle…

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A Boy and His Dog

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I Took Aim

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Design Under Duress

Originally posted on Lost Art Press:
Building a project in front of an audience is one thing. Designing it and building it on the fly is enough to drive me to drink. Earlier this year I did a two-day seminar…

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Caravans in the Art World

I have started a separate Blog Page to house the caravan, vardo, Rom, Gypsy, Traveller, and nomad art from my collections.  Any contribution links are welcome as are comments. We all had to start somewhere.

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Marketing to the Caravan Craze: Composting Toilet

 Presenting the MOULE’S PATENT EARTH CLOSET CO., Ld. Humanure is not as new of an idea as we are often led to believe.  With the genuine Moules, there are no, bad smells, typhoid OR diphtheria!  That’s quite a bonus.  Well, … Continue reading

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Early Worker Vans; Predecessor to the Caravan

Early work vans were designed to house manual laborers when on the job.  Great for highway and railroad crews.  These caravans were noted for poor ventilation and their spartan interior.  Three to six workmen were often housed in these wagons. … Continue reading

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