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Another Vardo

Because you can’t have enough. A bowtop in a field.  Pinned on Les Wattam’s page.   About these ads

About these ads
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The Tinsmiths, 1763

Stump anvils, stakes, hammers, lamps, mandrel, soldering iron, and other goodies galore.  Diderot never missed a lick and this is as good as any.  From Diderot and D’Alembert 1763 Encyclopedia of Sciences, Arts and Trades.  One of my favorite resources.

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Images from “Gipsy Life” by George Coalville

From a book published in 1880 about the Roma and some thoughts on how to “improve” their condition in Britain.  He traces their history in Britain from their first recorded arrival in Scotland in 1514 and is an interesting and … Continue reading

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Tinker to Traveller

Screenshot images from Tinker to Traveller, a documentary about “Two Californian anthropologists who spent a year living with the travelers on a Dublin site in 1970 return to Ireland to learn what has happened in the intervening years.”

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Travellers in England

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Les Wattam

Plenty of great Waggons to look at here.  Click an image to be re-directed to Le Wattam’s page.

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Der Kesselflicker (The Tinker)

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The Tinker

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Upcycled Sweater Shoes

Originally posted on UncommonCate:
Lovely warm and soft, these shoes (or perhaps slippers) began as an accidentally shrunken wool sweater. These poor, shrunken, often high quality wool sweaters end up in thrift and consignment stores on a regular basis. They…

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Medieval Tinsmith

Tinsmiths were the sheet metal workers of the preindustrial days in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.  This almost certainly includes Africa as well but I haven’t been able to find any depictions yet.  These craftsmen created many everyday objects … Continue reading

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